EXCELerate Your Data Story: Creating Interactive Dashboards in Microsoft Excel

Interactive Data Dashboards are popping up just about everywhere. Many are made in Tableau, Flourish, or similar platforms. But did you know you can make them right in Microsoft Excel? Participants who attend this webinar will learn how to create a basic Interactive Data Dashboard in Excel. The presenter will share data so participants can follow along, if desired. To end, the presenter will discuss sharing the Interactive Data Dashboard and highlight basic visualization principles to help simplify graphics and clarify data stories.

As a result of this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand how to create Interactive Data Dashboards in Microsoft Excel (what they are, why we use them, etc.).
  • Understand how to create and modify a simple Data Dashboard in Microsoft Excel.
  • Be able to identify/locate additional resources.

Registration Information

A recording of this webinar will be available for 30 days from the time of purchase.

Length/Time Commitment

1 Hour

Recorded Date: 09/28/2021

Format: On Demand

Topic: Institutional Effectiveness, Reporting

Experience Level: Beginner

Member/Non-Member Price: $59 Member/$79 Nonmember

Presenter(s): Charla Orozco, Institutional Researcher, University of New Mexico; Samuel Hatch, Program Specialist, University of New Mexico