Foundations of Research Design

This workshop teaches the basic principles of designing a research project in the context of higher education. We explore quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method research designs and methodologies. We also explore sampling and data collection techniques. We also discuss limitations and advantages to different research designs with a focus on selecting the correct design for the research problem.

As a result of this workshop, successful participants can:

  • Identify a research project, draft appropriate research questions, and identify its research design
  • Articulate the differences between quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method research designs
  • Understand real-world constraints on the selection of an appropriate research design
  • Understand data collection, sampling techniques, and reliability and validity measures related to research designs

Registration Information

Length/Time Commitment

5 Hours

Date(s): March 26

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

Format: Live Online

Topic: Research Design

Experience Level: Beginner

Member/Non-Member Price: $200 Member/$250 Nonmember

Presenter(s): Bethany Miller