Design and Implementation of a New Program Review Process: Lessons Learned

This webinar introduces the design and implementation of a new program review process at a small liberal arts university under the leadership of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. Building on an established annual program assessment cycle and a recently completed program prioritization process, the IE office developed a new process consisting of annual responses to institutional priorities that culminate in comprehensive reviews. Every five years, academic programs are asked to complete comprehensive program reviews in which they respond to data provided by the IE office. The reviews are designed to promote deeper reflection about program effectiveness with the goal of continuous improvement, thus aligning with institutional accreditation requirements. The presenter addresses challenges with the implementation of this collaborative process and shares lessons learned and newfound solutions.

As a result of this webinar, participants will:

  • The rationale for developing a program review system that aligns with assessment
  • How the program review process serves to provide alignment with the budgeting and planning process

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Recorded Date: 03/06/2019



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Presenter(s): Ute Lahaie, Walsh University