Research Design - Statistics

This webinar series makes the connection between research questions, research designs, and statistics. We discuss research design, descriptive and inferential statistics, comparative statistics, and correlational statistics. Webinar content is grounded in real-life case studies that highlight how statistics can provide valuable information to inform decision making.

As a result of this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the basics of descriptive statistics.
  • Understand descriptive, comparative and correlational research designs.
  • Identify when inferential statistics are needed.
  • Articulate how to compare differences in the percentage of responses across groups (chi-square).
  • Articulate how to compare the difference in mean between groups (t-tests).
  • Articulate how to calculate the relationship between variables (correlation).

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Length/Time Commitment

Recorded Date: 01/11/2018


Topic: Analytics, Research Design

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Member/Non-Member Price: $190 members/$210 non-members

Presenter(s): Mary Ann Coughlin, Springfield College